Data Processing Agreement Brilliant

Questions and answers

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What kind of personal data is stored?

We only store the email address to all participant. If additional reporting on hierarchical level is ordered we also store which part of the organisation the participant belongs to.

How long is the personal data saved?

Personal data is stored for two months.

Why is the personal data collected?

We store the personal data in order to send individual emails to all participants. If additional reporting on hierarchical level is ordered use hierarchy data to create reports on different levels in the organisation

Where is the data stored? In which countries?

All data is stored on our own physical equipment located in Sungard AS datacenter Nord in Sollentuna, Sweden. The facility is locked and supervised, only authorized and trained personnel enter the facility.

How does Brilliant ensure information security?

Brilliant works according to ISO27001 and follows the guidelines for security, documentation and follow-up that it implies.

Who has access to the data?

No reports can be displayed at the individual level without following Brilliant’s anonymity rules. Those who have access to the database are guided by the eligibility levels according to our data policy. Brilliant works with “Privacy by design” and provide access to the minimum information necessary for the respective roles. Personal data is encrypted where appropriate.

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