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Customer and employee surveys that unleash the power in people

Strengthen your business by using Brilliant data. Brilliant will measure, analyze and transform your customer and employee survey data into actionable insights.

We are Brilliant

Brilliant is one of the top-performing companies, providing a data-driven survey and action platform created for measuring customer and employee experience. With more than 20 years of experience and 80 employees, we provide actionable insights on people that make the difference in businesses all over the world. Our insights will bring out the true potential in people, helping companies to drive change, engagement, and results.

Why you should choose Brilliant


Local presence, global reach

We are a reliable partner that helps customers in over 50 countries in many different languages.


Benchmark from 24 industries

Every year we find out how more than three million people think and feel.


Expertise and consulting support

With our 20 years of experience in developing organizations, we will help you create profitability, engagement, and behavioral changes.


Appreciated partner with cNPS 69

400 happy customers develop their organizations with our data and insights.

Use Brilliant Data

We give you data-driven actionable human insights, about the people that matter to you, so you can make decisions that improve your business.

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