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Why People Analytics?


During Unleash in Paris, People Analytics was a recurring theme. Everyone wants to spin data and get it visualized and understandable in a way that suits them and their organization. But what about People Analytics’s future? I would like to highlight two interesting perspectives:

Just spinning traditional data (HR data, engagement data, etcetera.) has become mainstream. An increased need is to include non-traditional data in the spin. For example, by including data on profitability, the pace of innovation, or how to communicate, we can significantly increase the value of our analyzes. We can put it in a completely different context, understand the connection and the consequences. For example, if you could visualize that product development and sales rarely communicate with each other, we can understand why the company is not always aligned.

An other interesting part is to understand the goal of People Analytics. We can spin data back and forth and get lots of interesting findings. Data can provide interesting insights and knowledge about its organization and its employees. Nevertheless, in order to achieve any change, all data spinning must lead to actions. Moreover, actions that have some impact. Only then have they succeeded in creating a very great platform for HR, managers, employees, and the management team. I will be back on the topic of action and action platforms soon.

Thanks Unleash, for great inspiration!

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