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The Secrets to Success: Lessons from the Brilliant Awards’ Best Employers


Every year, Brilliant highlights the very best employers through the Brilliant Awards. This accolade is awarded to those employers who not only excel in their industry but also set the standard for workplace positioning through a high proportion of engaged employees.

This year’s finalists have once again raised the bar, demonstrating that the path to becoming an exemplary employer is multifaceted and requires both strategy and the ability to translate it into employee behaviours. Let’s look at what really distinguishes the best employers from the rest.

Employers of the Year stand out by prioritising:

  • Communication
  • Values
  • Leadership

Let’s explore what this means in practice.

Engagement and Profitability

Open Communication – the Key to Engagement. To build a strong corporate culture, open and transparent communication from management is not just desirable but necessary. It creates a foundation of trust and allows employees to feel valued and involved in the company’s future.

Leadership has taken on a more significant role than before. A lot is happening in the world right now, and it tends to spill into organisations. Employees are looking more actively at managers and the executive team, and it is crucial for the management to communicate what employees need to hear, making communication from the leadership team more important than ever.

Internal communication is an issue that often stirs emotions within the executive team.

If you are a manager or part of an executive team, you probably recognise the feeling that “you do nothing but communicate”. However, the question that needs to be asked by the executive team is:

  • What do employees need to hear?

It might not be the same things that have been said before. And communication always happens on the receiver’s terms – an important saying to remember.

Brilliant Leadership and Communication. The organisations that are finalists in the 2024 edition of the Brilliant Awards are better at communicating than other organisations:

Communication from Management

*based on 230,000 responses from employee surveys

Values and Goals – Compass for Success.
 A company without clear values and goals is like a boat without a compass. If you don’t know where you’re going, it’s hard to get there. This year’s employers show that when values and goals are clearly communicated and understood by everyone, not only does productivity increase, but so does employees’ personal satisfaction with their work.

So how is it done? It is important to break down the goals – where are we heading? To work with values and goals so every workgroup knows what they need to do to contribute to the goals. Then, break this down to the behavioural level for each employee. This way, it clearly shows which success behaviours are needed in the organisation to achieve the set goals.

Brilliant Clarity. The organisations that are finalists in the 2024 edition of the Brilliant Awards are more successful at conveying the organisation’s goals and values than other organisations:

*based on 230,000 responses from employee surveys

Leadership that Inspires. Effective leadership is about more than just allocating tasks. It involves inspiring, providing feedback, and supporting employees’ development. By showing examples of how our leaders act more like coaches than bosses, we can illustrate how this positively affects employees’ motivation and performance. And again, it’s very much about communication. Getting the message out across the organisation, leading towards goals, and creating clarity.

Our data shows that organisations that are finalists in the Brilliant Awards for Employer of the Year have stronger leadership than other organisations. They have leaders who provide regular feedback and continuously monitor their employees’ work situations to a much greater extent than leaders in other organisations.

Read more about the Brilliant Awards, what distinguishes the finalists, and see the complete list of Employer of the Year and Best Leadership.

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