This is how you become a popular (and successful) leader


A study we conducted a while ago showed which areas that makes certain employees ambassadors in a workplace. Looking at what the ambassadors value provides a strong and authoritative guideline for how the organisation should be led – and here are the qualities you should focus on if you want to be a popular (and successful) leader.

Sensitive and active

As a leader you needs to place a major focus on creating the right conditions for the employees in your team. It is the opportunities for development that are absolutely the most important in making the ambassadors feel happy with their jobs. This means that the leaders has a major responsibility to facilitate these wishes. Take the time to understand what it is that each individual employee needs to be able to optimally perform his or her tasks. If further training is needed or if the employee seems to be stronger in a particular area – then let the person focus on it.

Be engag(ing)ed

You are never better than the weakest link. Colleagues are an important driving force for the ambassadors, and it is therefore important for you as leader to ensure that the team feels good and functions together. As an employee, working together with people who are not at the same level as yourself, or where communication is not working, quickly leads to dissatisfaction. One of the leaders primary tasks is therefore to recruit people who fit into the team – letting employees be part of the recruitment process can be a tip in finding out whether it is the right candidate.

Practice what you preach

For many people, producing extensive guidelines and policies on how the company should be run, and how to behave as an employee has no credibility, which has led to this process not being prioritized. On the other hand, companies which work actively on their values and successfully establish a culture which the employees can identify, also have more ambassadors. The culture is created collectively by the employees and as a leader it is therefore important to be a guide in this work.

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