This is how the manager influences the customer experience



The other day we conducted a correlation analysis for the customer service unit at one of our customers. The result: the company has extremely satisfied customers. And the analysis showed a parameter with a clear connection to the experience customers had in their contact with the company.

We were able to establish in the analysis that the company has extremely satisfied customers, and we were also able to note that there is a clear connection between the internal working climate and the experience customers had in their contact with the company and the agent over the phone.

In the graph below we see examples which show that customers who have spoken to an agent who feels the leadership at the company functions really well, perceive that they have received very good assistance with their issue.

It is interesting to perform these sorts of analyses and we almost always see this type of connection – how leadership, cooperation and engagement influence customer experience, profitability, absence due to illness etc.

The connection arises in that employees who experience good leadership and who are engaged actually DO something different in relation to the customers

The customers feel better treated and have a better experience of the contact with the companies. Good leadership, clarity and feedback means that the employee knows what he or she should do in order to create loyal customers and they receive feedback on when they have done something good.


What the analyses also show is which parts of the leadership are most important to have in place in order for the customers’ experience to be influenced as positively as possible. It gives our customers really excellent opportunities to work to strengthen the managerial behaviour which actually ultimately produces the greatest effect on the customer experience.

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