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Preem, Green Cargo and Academic Work won Powered by People 2018!


Powered by People celebrates the most successful companies when it comes to good employee experiences. The award is based on statistics from employee surveys and thus actual perceptions of employers. About 200 companies competed this year to get the prestigious award. Here is the list of all companies that performed best in the respective category – and this year’s winners!

The criteria underlying this year’s award are the best results in terms of effective working groups, committed employees, good leaders and a strong employer brand. The prize was divided into three categories, and the winners of Powered by People 2018 are:

The Greatest Development: Green Cargo

Green Cargo has done a series of strategically important efforts to maintain a cost efficient production and stable delivery processes. They have put great focus on values and behaviors within a key initiative ”The road to profitability”. Through active change programs the company has worked hard to increase efficiency and improve ways of working. By involving managers throughout the entire organization and breaking down values to behaviors and habits, they have achieved great results.

Best Construction and Manufacturing Company: Preem

Preem, Sweden´s largest fuel company, raises the bar in their vision of being the leader in the transformation towards a sustainable society. Preem is one of the finalists in Powered by People, and one of the companies scoring highest results in their employee survey. This shows the company works actively with its’ employee relations and that it clearly understands the importance of having a good working climate to be able to reach their targets and their vision. The working climate as well as the leadership have been strengthened during 2017. Both of which are vital to the company’s ability to attract and retain employees.

Best Service Company: Academic Work

Academic Work’s constant focus on ambition and engagement is paying off and the company’s results in their employee engagement survey are among the highest also this year. To a service company like Academic Work, the employees are absolutely vital. And having great focus on employee experience, engagement and leadership are critical for the success of their business.

In total, about 200 companies competed to get the prestigious award. Here is the full list of companies that performed best in each category:

Best Construction and Manufacturing Companies

  1. Preem
  2. Stora Enso
  3. Bonava
  4. Rottneros
  5. Munters
  6. WallVision
  7. Husqvarna
  8. Wibax
  9. Axel Johnson International
  10. Nobia

Best Service Companies

  1. Academic Work
  2.  Vasakronan
  3. NCAB
  4. MQ Retail AB
  5. exSitec
  6. Omegapoint
  7. Bilia
  8. Haglöfs
  9. Spotify
  10. Olofsson Bil

The Greatest Development

  1. Green Cargo
  2. Apsis
  3. Haglöfs

About Powered by People

Powered by People is an award created by Brilliant in 2017, aimed at honoring and celebrating companies who are successful in terms of working with employee relations, companies that challenge themselves and are good at creating sustainable change in their organization. The award is based on results from employee surveys and employees’ true attitudes, rather than subjective judgements.
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