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How to Turn People Analytics Into Actions?


Apart from the fact that there was much focus on People Analytics during the Unleash conference in Paris, it was obvious that ACTIONS is vital. Customers want actionable platforms to bring about an actual change. We can divide People Analytics into four steps that lead to actions:

  1. “What does the result look like, and what has happened?” – Various reports make it possible to clarify and visualize the results of the employee surveys. It is a statement, a fact, but still exciting and essential.
  2. “What depends on the results and possible changes from previous surveys?” – By embedding analytics in the platform, such as correlational analyzes where, for example, we can see how leadership affects the employee engagement, and by visualizing the data in a certain way, we can find out on just this – why does it look like as it does?
  3. “What will happen in the future based on different scenarios?” Predictive analyzes can be use as information in the platform to create insights about the future. How will changes in workload affect sick leave rates? Will we see a higher profit if we increase the proportion of engaged employees? How is the market’s perception of the company affected by the fact that the workforce becomes equal? With more. The analyzes will be the company’s trackball.
  4. Lastly, “How can we make things happen?”. Here comes the concept of machine learning. Through machine learning, ie, getting computers to learn and constantly getting better, based on the data the computer is fed with, we will be able to get sharp insights and suggestions on activities that we KNOW will lead to change. A platform that focuses on activities and change developed not only for HR but also for managers and employees, makes it easy to do right.

Brilliant has long focused on developing tools for both employees and managers and not just HR. Because we know that is is the organization the changes are implemented. Every manager and every employee has a responsibility to drive change. We will return to more about “employee first” in a tool and platform context.

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