Goals 2: Goals or needs?


I was also there, last Friday, discussing goals with Mårten, the artist, the salesman and a couple of others.

The artist said she had no goals and the salesman insisted that she absolutely did. I wonder…

Is it goals we are discussing or just needs?

Even if the artist could not see her goals in the same way as the salesman did, there was definitely some type of direction. But it was expressed more like needs. She was expressing the need to be acknowledged for her art, the need to achieve what seemed to be impossible and the need to become all that she could be.

In their youth, they both probably had life goals such as having a good career, a big family or running the marathon. Something our norms tell us we should strive toward.

But perhaps there is a time in life when goals change. Even if the artist did not focus quite the way as before, the goals were still there. They just evolved into a hunt for security and the satisfaction of needs that seem closer in time.  Perhaps reaching the goals is not the key. Perhaps the key is reaching that calm. To be who you are.


Drop bacteria in a sour environment and it will strive towards a sweeter environment. The bacteria do not set a goal, but it struggles anyway. We are the same, but on a slightly higher level.


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