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Engaged teams have more loyal customers and are more profitable


The fact that engaged employees are key to a company’s success is widely recognized. Therefore, it is surprising that so few companies analyze the correlation between employee engagement and business critical performance indicators, and even fewer use these analyzes to guide improvement activities. This has been shown in a recent Harvard Business Review report.

We were of course curious about how it looks among our clients – how important is employee engagement for customer loyalty and profitability? And which factors that drive engagement are the most relevant?

We recently conducted a study where we analyzed the relationship between engaged employees, loyal customers and profitability at team level for a number of our clients. The results clearly show that there is a correlation between employee engagement, customer loyalty and team profitability. One example is that a working group with a positive employee-NPS score is 2.7 times more profitable than groups with a negative employee-NPS score. To know more you can download the full study The impact of employee engagement.

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