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Beauty comes from within – companies who focus on this produce the best returns



Is your company focusing on delivering world class customer experiences? Beauty comes from within. The most engaged staff members create the most loyal customers – and companies that focus and place great importance on succeeding in customer experiences produce the best returns.

The main reason for companies losing their customers is seldom that they have poor products. Most customers who choose to leave a company do so because they are not happy with the actual experience they have with the company. Dissatisfied customers cost companies enormous amounts, while loyal customers who are ambassadors drive up profitability and growth.

Failing to focus on improving customer experience mean that companies run a great risk of losing customers, or not being able to attract them to begin with. Despite this fact, the majority of companies fail to surpass the expectations of their customers. It is worrying that even though the majority of company executives are aware that they are mainly competing over customer experience, they still do not have a programme or a planned strategy for how to deal with this. This means that many companies are not properly equipped to deal with competition for customers.

Strong staff engagement and good staff relations are reflected in better customer experience and greater customer loyalty. In order to effectively improve their customer relations it is important to work with the internal relationships and the conditions under which the staff work in order to deliver fantastic service to their customers. It is also important not to go away from what you see as your most important areas for improvement without checking to what extent these overlap with what the customers think. If you can find an agreement between these two things then your chances of delivering a world class customer experience will increase greatly!

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