Brilliant Employee

Commitment, leadership, and strong management are important to be an attractive and successful organisation for a long time coming. Brilliant’s solution for employee surveys is easy to use and built on a well-known methodology that ensures that the entire organisation focuses on the right things.

Our three-step solution: Measure, analyze and act

Brilliant Employee is a web-based solution that is easy to use. By letting your employees and managers give feedback on what works well and where they see the potential for improvement, management and HR will get data-based insights to act upon.

Step 1: Measure

Ask the right questions, at the right time, to the right people

Which areas in your organization need better data? Brilliant has over 20 years of experience and specialized knowledge concerning what the determining factors are to create a way of working that leads to success and sustainability. Adapt the number of employee surveys to your organization’s needs and get the necessary support to improve areas like leadership, feedback, and employee engagement.

Examples of important areas to measure

  • Engagement
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Efficiency
  • The organizational and social work environment

Step 2: Analyze

Ongoing employee surveys generate new insights

This solution generates relevant, data-driven insights for managers and HR to act upon. The data is automatically analyzed and gives every team recommended areas to focus on. The given access to both internal and external benchmarks allows you to see how your organisation tracks against other organizations.

Step 3: Act

Create an effect by acting on the right things

High employee engagement and positive change can be reached through a change in behavior. That’s why it is highly important is to make sure that all employees and managers follow up, and act on the results from employee surveys. In Brilliant’s solution we offer support to work towards change structurally and for teams of any kind. Your company´s HR team will receive an overview on all ongoing workshops, educations and activities and will be able to act as the company´s facilitator for positive change.

Use Brilliant Data

We give you data-driven actionable human insights, about the people that matter to you, so you can make decisions that improve your business.

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