Brilliant Customer Service

A holistic solution for customer service that increases quality, efficiency, and engagement in every customer contact. Measure your customer’s experience in real-time and act upon the insights to create happy and loyal customers.

Our three-step process: Measure, analyze and act

Brilliant’s solution for customer surveys is web-based and easy for the customer service team to use. Through continuous surveys, employees get feedback on their customer´s experience, managers get data-driven support for coaching based on results, and the organization gets a full overview on how customers experience the customer service. This gives you the opportunity to compare your company´s results to other companies within your industry.


Step one: Measure

Ask the right questions at the right time

Brilliant has over 20 years of experience and is specialized in what the determining factors are to succeed with your customer service. Your brand is put to the test through customer interactions, and it’s also through these that every employee contributes to the customer experience. With ongoing customer surveys, the focus is on the customer, and it also increases the employee’s engagement when it comes to customer experiences – in every interaction.

Examples of contact for measuring:

  • Phone and texts
  • E-mail
  • Webb
  • Chat
  • Social media
  • Meeting in person

Step 2: Analyze

The right actions create the desired effect

With our solution, it’s easy to analyze the results – in real-time. The results can be seen on an individual, departmental, and organizational level and you can track the progress over time to get insights on what affects the customer experience. Create and schedule automatic reports with relevant graphic elements, dashboards, and timeframes that fit your organization – and save valuable time.


Step 3: Act

The right actions create the desired effect

Measuring and analyzing is important to get the facts and understand them. But when you have the facts, it’s time to start acting on it. It’s not until you change behaviors within an organization that you’ll reach the desired effect. With our specialist knowledge, we will guide you based on your results. Both in coaching the employees, and on how to prioritize and handle the customer feedback to get the highest value possible. To support these processes and way of work, we offer Brilliant Coaching and Brilliant Loyalty System as add-ons to this solution.

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