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Best Customer Service Sweden

The winners are based on data from the companies´customer surveys, which means that it is the customers´perceptions, and not subjective judgments, that control who to take home the prestigious Award.

  • 123 companies included in the selection
  • More than 2,3 million customer surveys conducted in Sweden as the basis for the decision

Is your company one of the companies that by 2024 can be named Best Customer Service?

The data collection for Brilliant Awards – Customer Experience 2024 began 1 January 2023 and was gathered throughout the year. All Brilliant’s customers are automatically included in the selection. Want to know more about the Award, and what criteria are the basis for nomination? Do not hesitate to contact your contact person at Brilliant, or send an email to

Best Customer Service 2024

Awarded to companies with the highest result within its industry

Best Customer Service – Bank



3.Varbergs Sparbank AB

Best Customer Service - Finance






Best Customer Service - Insurance

1.Länsförsäkring Kronoberg

2.Länsförsäkringar Jämtland





Best Customer Service - County (Sweden)

1.Kristianstads kommun

2.Norrtälje kommun

3.Varbergs kommun




Best Customer Service - Energy


2.Skellefteå Kraft

3.Enkla Elbolaget




Best Customer Service - Union

1.Unionen Rådgivningen


3.Sveriges Ingenjörer

Greatest Change Journey 2024

Awarded to the company that has made the greatest positive change from 2022 to 2023

1st place

Unionen Rådgivningen

2nd place



3rd place

Sveriges Ingenjörer

Sweden's Most Engaged Customer Service Employee

Awarded to the employee who has the highest commitment accordning to the company’s customers.

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