Employee engagement vs. group size – group sizes with highest and lowest levels of engagement



Employee engagement impacts customer experience, efficiency and business results. Our analysis provide insights on important factors to sustain high levels of employee engagement. In a recent study of 200.000 employees we looked into how employee engagement is effected by the size of the group where employees work.

The study clearly shows that group size matters! The engagement is the highest among employees who work in groups of between five and eight employees. Just the right amount of people to create good group dynamics, know each other and for everyone to know what is going on in the group. Engagement levels are lowest among people who work alone and if group size is too big. It is hard for managers to lead large groups, to be present and to have enough insight and knowledge about what people do to be able to provide relevant performance feedback. The low level of engagement among employees working alone is also interesting. Having colleagues and a sense of belonging, as well as working in a team with good dynamics is rewarding, and also contributes to better results.

As a manager you are responsible for creating an environment and circumstances that enables employees to get engaged. But what is engagement really, and which factors are the most important ones behind employee engagement? Read our guide on how to create long term sustainable employee engagement by addressing the most important drivers behind engagement! Read more here!

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