Brilliant Customer Experience Management

Our Brilliant Customer Experience Management solution offers a tool for you to get a full overview on the customer experience and insights into every step of the customer journey. With this tool, you can improve the customer experience to increase your revenue and profitability.

Brilliant Customer Experience Management

Our three step-process: Measure, analyze and act

This solution provides a tool for you to get a full overview on the customer experience and insights into every step of the customer journey. It helps you to drive changes in behaviors, which is necessary to get a competitive advantage. The solution is based on self-service and is there to support you and engage the entire organization to improve and change behaviors. Brilliant’s qualifications and experience, combined with this technique, help you get started with your CEM-program. We will be with you every step of the way when you need it, and together, we will reach results like increased customer focus, less churn, and stronger profitability.

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Step 1: Measure

The right qualification and tool for your CEM-program

Once you have decided to improve the customer experience, Brilliant Customer Experience is the right choice. The tool gives you all the right insights through simple and clear role-based dashboards, combined with a Closed Loop Feedback-process that supports you in following up on the results. This enables your company to offer your customers the best possible customer experience.

This is how we help you get started:

  • We implement Customer Journey Mapping and create a design for the program with you. Regardless of which channel the customer journey takes place, we can collect insights that will drive your work for improvement.
  • We will adjust the tool and tailor it for your processes and your customer data, to minimize the administration time.

Step 2: Analyze

Analyze the right type of data

With our solution, it’s easy to analyze the results – in real-time. The results can be seen on an individual, departmental, and organizational level and you can track the progress over time to get insights on what affects the customer experience. The design is tailored to match the right questions with the right customers and makes sure the right people in your organization get the insights that are relevant for their area of work.

Step 3: Act

Build a customer-centric culture

The tool provides you with a structured way of working which will lead to change. Together, we will make sure that you get the best conditions needed to get a complete overview of the customer experience and engage the entire organization.

  • We will adjust the entire Closed Loop process so you can start acting on the experiences your customers have and build a customer-centric culture.
  • We educate owners of the CEM program, onboard the managers and others, so the entire organization can take action and drive improvements.

We help you with strategic analysis and workshops so you can plan all necessary steps to improve your CEM program.

Discover our functions

Customer Experience - NPS View

  1. Filter and categorize the results
  2. Summary of selected surveys divided into segments
  3. All views can be easily exported to PPT or Excel

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We give you data-driven actionable human insights, about the people that matter to you, so you can make decisions that improve your business.

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