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Companies with engaged employees have loyal customers and are more profitable. We know that those who succeed with their employee- and customer experiences also will have more successful businesses. We at Brilliant want to increase knowledge about this – among as many workplaces and people as possible. That’s why we are launching a new and completely unique insight platform, The Insight Hub. Welcome!

We are constantly launching reports and studies about employee and customer experiences. Our studies show that proud employees are linked to increased business efficiency – committed employees deliver 22 percent higher profitability and 68 percent of customers are leaving due to poor customer experience. These insights are valuable and important for all companies and organizations to understand – and to work with, in order to be successful. Insights that gave birth to The Insight Hub.

The Insight Hub provides you with insights on how to measure, analyse and act to improve customer and employee experience. Studies, reports and insights are presented in a clear but yet playful and inspiring way. With The Insight Hub, we are hoping to contribute to crucial insights for your organization.

How does good coffee affect employee performance? Is it true that beauty comes from within the company? What makes customers leave? And what are the costs for bad leadership? Explore The Insight Hub and absorb knowledge about these issues.

Welcome to The Insight Hub!

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