Testimonials from our customers

We have used Brilliant’s solutions for years and we are very pleased with our cooperation. Brilliant are flexible and receptive, and they deliver great service to us as a customer.

Caroline Nikander, Head of People & Performance

Academic Work

We work with Brilliant because of their solid and international experience, their methodolgy and tools for surveys and follow up work, as well as for their dedicated and service minded team of consultants.

Eva Ulvöy, HR Manager


The Brilliant offer a clear reporting structure and follow up process that makes work easier for managers as well as for employees. They are flexible, knowledgeable and they provide good support for us to develop our work environment in which we fell good and can develop, and ultimately this leads to us achieving our targets.

Martin Sundvall, CEO, Åke Sundvall Byggnads AB.

Åke Sundvall Byggnads

One of Brilliant’s strengths is their web based tool. Every Key Account Manager can work directly with their customers’ feedback, and we can easily get an overview of the Loomis Group’s results and improvement work.

Kennet Högman, Regional manager Northern Europe, Loomis.


We appreciate Brilliant’s professionalism, flexibility and ability to balance our requirements and wishes in relation to their metholodogy and how to best conduct an employee survey. They offer a smooth, digital tool that makes it easy to work with the survey results.

Margareta Otterström, HR Business Partner LFV.


Brilliant has helped us making the employee survey into an efficient managerial tool. Brilliant’s solution is clear and easy to use in order to follow up results and truly achieve change.

Mirja Raukas Lind, HR, Business Partner Nynas.


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