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During this spring, AlexisHR and Brilliant have become partners and from now on can all users of AlexisHR, with a few keystrokes integrate your organisational structure straight into Brilliant’s solution. With that said – taking the pulse of your organisation has never been easier! We had a quick chat with Lisa Schmelz, Head of Commercial at AlexisHR:

What is AlexisHR and what can it do?

Alexis has created a platform helping companies to scale and automate people operations to declutter HR. The platform gives both employees and managers a holistic view of the organisation, its people and the data connected to it. The unique thing about Alexis’ HR is that it can be integrated into the company’s existing tech stack – and seamlessly connects to apps such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, recruitment and payroll systems. The company mission is to help small & medium organisations better connect with their people, empower them to make smarter decisions, and ultimately create a better workplace.

Lisa Schmelz, Head of Commercial AlexisHR

How does the collaboration between Brilliant and AlexisHR simplify the work for me as a customer?

A basic precondition when measuring your organisation is to have an up-to-date and accurate picture of the organisation. AlexisHR’s platform ensures that the organisational structure is always up to date. Then simply select the area within the work climate you want to assess and hit the button to distribute the survey. Taking the pulse of your organisation is as easy as booking a hotel!

Why is it important to have a data driven approach for HR?

For a modern and fast-paced company, employees are perhaps the most important resource they have. Gathering the employee master data in one place creates a backbone of the entire company, enabling HR to take data driven decisions and freeing up time by automating repetitive tasks. Having a functioning HR system is one of the secret keys to the success of any business.

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