Employee Survey Covid-19

Swedish society is in an unforeseen crisis situation due to the Corona – Covid19 virus.

This situation impairs the integrity of citizens and employees as well as creates a concern that is largely based on the individual’s perception of the situation. The essence of the individual’s view is based on what information he/she has received and by whom. In addition, if he/she feel secure in his/her immediate environment.

One of the most important local environments is the workplace. It is for this reason that we at Brilliant want to contribute in our own way and have produced a free employee survey that shows how well-equipped employers have been to create just the security and clarity that is so important for all citizens in order to be able to perform their work even in a crisis situation.

We make the survey, with our 10 questions, available until 31 March. We will offer the results for each individual employer participating and the opportunity to benchmark against other organisations. These results will be important and perhaps even crucial for the analyzes and the follow-up research that will be done to understand how society and employers can be even better equipped for any similar crisis situations in the future.

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